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Star Trek: Discovery, S3, Ep. 1, “That Hope Is You, Part 1”

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Discovery is FINALLY BACK! And there’s no better time than now. I mean, given the horrid year we’ve all been privy to, and an upcoming election which feels like a watershed moment for a potential future that could end up mimicking the landscape Episode 1 just showed us (or even worse, the “Mirror, Mirror” universe), I’m placing all of my chips on Star Trek to see me through the next few months, and guide my way.

So, we didn’t get much more than a tease and a set-up for what’s to come this season, but it was exactly what the doc ordered. The switch this go-around to a less “hopeful” future, and diving into one of a more “Blade Runner” type of scenario, is an agreeable change. I also think it was a nice touch making all of the tech Burnham brought with her out to be antiquated by 3188 standards. It’s not often that Trek out-techs its own tech, so I’m really digging the flash-forward. Especially those sick portable transporters. The chase scene, with Book and Burnham teleporting from locale to locale, reminded me of something out of the movie Jumper (highly recommended if you haven’t seen it). It was also super cool to watch. And looks like eBay has a brick-and-mortar marketplace 930 years from now. Good on them for taking their cue from Amazon.

They still doing Prime Day in 3188?

I think the biggest surprise was the dissolution of the Federation, and the fact that it’s been a defunct organization for over a century. I’m sure its collapse had way more to do with something grander than merely a depletion of dilithium. This whole “The Burn” business sounds pretty shifty to me.

In addition to a new environment and stardate, this season’s opener saw the introduction of two new characters who look to become series regulars: David Ajala’s “Book” and Adil Hussain’s “Aditya Sahil”. And I gotta say, I’m already loving both. Book is so far a great foil for Burnham, and is it solely me or is everyone else gettin’ them hook-up vibes? I don’t know, could also just be me projecting my hopes for a romantic tryst between the two of them. I mean, they’re both beautiful specimens of human, and Burnham isn’t going to be reunited with Ash (like, ever), so, why the hell not?

Adil Hussain’s “Aditya Sahil” is the other newcomer to Trek. I really love this guy already. The combination of his acting chops (Adil has been acting and honing his craft for quite some time, now), and his character’s introduction, instantly made me a fan. I thought the creative choice to give us a glimpse of his character’s daily routine, with no real context to clarify what we were seeing, was an interesting idea. It’s only at the end of the episode that we’re brought full-circle and shown who we initially saw in the prologue. Can we also come together in agreement that Aditya’s “electric toothbrush” needs to happen in our lifetime, and become part of our 21st century hygienic regimen? Engineers, if you’re reading this, make it so.

I’m not going to lie, this episode totally gave me the feels. I don’t know if it was because I watched it first thing Thursday morning before work, and my body was still acclimating to a new day (like a PC booting up), or if said “feels” were a side-effect from possible jitters my morning Joe may have given me, but the ending left me feeling quite serene (and with the added bonus of slightly watery eyes). It’s those Federation ideals that always set my head straight, man, no matter how flush in bad vibes I am at the moment. And those few lines of “hope” at the end were beautiful….

Sahil: Hope is a powerful thing.

Burnham: Sometimes it’s the only thing.

Sahil: Our numbers are few. Our spirit is undiminished.

Burnham: If there are others out there, we’ll find them. We will.


Looks like Discovery is aiming to set us on another fantastic journey this season. I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s in store.

The episode didn’t seem like it was giving us a lot to unpack within it, but listening to’s podcast review made me realize that there was, indeed, sprinkles of mysteries to be uncovered throughout. Take a gander and have a listen when you can spare a moment, and moments I know you have, because we don’t get a new episode until Thursday. Yeah, yeah, I know you, too, have a ton of shows, movies, and books to catch-up on (comic books included, I’ll presumptuously add), but Star Trek should always be at the apex of your ever-growing mountain of preferred consumption – no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts”.

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