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Star Trek: Discovery, S2, Ep. 14, “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”

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BRAAA-VOOO, Discovery! You pulled off one fan-f*****g-tastic season! Man, that finale was on par with some of the best big screen, feature film climaxes I’ve ever seen. And trust me when I say that I’ve seen A LOT.

Where does one even commence with deconstructing, analyzing, and discussing all of the choice parts of the last episode? Or even more difficult of a question to pursue: where does the show go from here? Ugh! Why can’t I just enjoy stuff like a normal human being???!!!

*takes a deep, Zen-like breath*

*takes a few more*

*and a few more after that*

Okay, I’ve regained my mental faculties, and I’m in Control (nyuk, nyuk), yet again. I’m good now. Scout’s honor…..

Regarding “Where does the show go from here?,” Alex Kurtzman confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that season three of Discovery will take us 950 years into the future. Additionally, he teases us with an interest in, as fellow rabid fans have requested, possibly exploring a “Pike” series. I, for one, would la-la-la-love to see an Anson Mount-led Pike series, even if it was just a mini-series. Hell, I’d even settle for a made-for-television movie. Like everyone else on the globe, I thought his contribution to this season was some of the best stuff Trek has ever given us. If this is to be all that we’ll get of his Christopher Pike, then a gift from the Trek gods it will always remain; but I’d still la-la-la-love for him to return. Come on, Kurtzman. Make it so.

So, where do we begin with our wee deconstruction? Let’s start with the anxiety-inducing tension of the episode, which Discovery kicked up several notches to, like, DEFCON-level proportions. HOLY BABY JESUS was I on the edge of my seat! The effects for the final battle were off-the-charts breathtaking; and beautifully choreographed. It played more like a series finale than that of a season finale. The shots of Burnham gliding through space and around the Enterprise gave me a bazillion goosebumps.

There were so many parts of the finale that had me screaming and yelling, pumping my fists, applauding wildly, and “woo-hooing,” that if my neighbors didn’t know any better, they’d have thought I was watching some sort of sports final; and nothing propelled a grander reaction out of me than when the Klingons showed up to assist, and L’Rell proclaimed…..

This right here got the biggest and most enthusiastic “Yes!” out of me (CBS Interactive, Inc.)

Yup, I totally lost my sh**.

So much was going on in the finale – from the “Inception” style fight between Leland, Mirror Georgiou, and Nahn, to Michael’s time-travel sequence, to those cool little repair bots that appeared on the saucer of the Enterprise – that I found myself having to watch it multiple times (the count is up to 3, now), and, yes, every time it happened, I laughed out loud when Jett told Saru, “Get off my ass…..sir. Get off my ass, sir!” Man, I love her character oh so much.

The episode also played very heavily on the emotional state of the characters. All of the scenes with Burnham and Spock, the few with Culber and Stamets, the last exchanges between the crew of the Enterprise and the crew of Discovery – they were all orchestrated so perfectly to tug at your heartstrings and give you the “feels” with no apologies.

And when all was said and done, the finale stitched the events of the season together with established canon, and synced it to the prologue of original Trek, even giving us classic Spock as a send-off into the next chapter of the series.

Ethan Peck’s looking sharp in his blue duds (CBS Interactive, Inc.)

Just like for Marvel fans, there’s nothing like the present for Star Trek’s fandom. With a handful of shows on their way, both in animated and live-action format, we’ll be in no short supply of stories to quench our insatiable appetite for tales of the final frontier. We have about eight more months to go before Patrick Stewart returns to make it all so, and I’m counting every second. I can’t think of a better Christmas present than to see Jean-Luc’s beautiful face grace the screen of my television once more. I presume the vast majority of you would concur.

Today is definitely a good day to live!

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