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Star Trek: Discovery, S2, Ep. 11, “Perpetual Infinity”

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Momma’s gonna work it out…

Gabrielle Burnham is on a mission, y’all – and woe betide any Starfleet officer who gets in her way!

Well, at least she was on a mission. Not so much any more.

It would appear things have gone, as such things tend to go when dealing with an artificial intelligence, completely FUBAR status at this juncture in our little tale of space-trekking: the time-crystal within the suit has been destroyed, half the sphere’s data has been stolen, Momma Burnham has been sucked back into the future along with her now non-functioning time-traveling tech (due to the aforementioned time-crystal mishap) – with no foreseeable way of getting back, and the human (can we call him that still?) responsible for this drastic turn of events is none other than Leland himself. Well, he’s only Leland in body and moniker, now. His mind has been colonized by Control, via some sort of nanites that “it” injected into his cerebellum. Things are looking pretty dire for our crew of the Discovery. All that was missing from the episode was one of them to be frozen in carbonite.

So, where do we traverse from this point? How does our crew escape a future which refuses to submit to the very whims of human interference? How do you unfix a “fixed point in time”? I found Spock’s response to this conundrum quite affecting:

“What will happen next has not yet been written. We have only now. That is our greatest advantage. What we do now, here, in this moment, has the power to determine the future.”

I’m glad we’re finally glimpsing snippets of the Spock we’ve all come to love and adore.

I also found it endearing that Gabrielle had been watching over Michael, every step of her daughter’s way, without Michael ever being the wiser for it. A mother’s bond with her child is unerringly strong, and transcends all of time and space, just like Matthew McConaughey said it did; well, he was speaking in terms of “love” itself, but you get the picture.

We only have three more episodes to go in this season, so the next handful will undoubtedly be anxiety-inducing. Not sure which will prove to be the worse for wear on my psyche – the anticipation or the fast-approaching climax itself? With the finale will come a looooong sabbatical, accompanied by an eerily quiet time of rumination. At least I have several episodes of DS9 that I’ve never seen to keep me occupied for the interim (don’t judge me).

Speaking of “eerie,” not sure if any of you caught this, and I’m also equally unsure which it should be classified under: prophetic, ironic, or possibly both. But one of the commercials that played during this past week’s episode (for those of you, like me, who don’t mind sitting through a few commercials if it means there’s a little more green in our wallets) was a spot advertising Microsoft’s new A.I. software….

Now, I’m all for the utilization of technology to create better booze, *pounds chest like a caveman* but if science fiction has taught me anything, it’s that tiny, inconsequential bits like this tend to mark the beginning of the end for our species.

*raises glass of vino*

Here’s to hoping we get at least five more seasons of Discovery before the machines rise up.


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