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Star Trek: Discovery, S2, Ep. 6, “The Sound of Thunder”

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Well, it appears that Saru has undergone some evolutionary changes since last we saw him. His threat ganglia has been replaced by some sort of biological defense mechanism that acts as a weapon against “predators,” which is an odd noun to use, now that we know the Kelpiens, at one point in their planet’s history, were the dominate predatory species inhabiting it. However, the Ba’ul pulled a Sith-like move, and wiped out all but a few, leaving only the unevolved portion of Kelpiens to be used as deceived cattle being prepped for the slaughter. I was hoping (because I’m evil and vengeful) that the Ba’ul would be taken down – hard – as retribution for their transgressions against Saru’s peeps, but alas, morality, and the better angels of our nature (quite literally), seized the day. It is the Starfleet way, after all. So I suppose I’m okay with that. But I loved that, upon learning the Ba’ul would rather commit genocide than resolve their differences peacefully with the Kelpiens, Captain Pike was all like, “Bryce, hail these bastards.” Don’t mess with the captain, man.

Thanks to Saru’s “Elvish” eyes, we got a better look at the “Red Angel” this week; but it only raised additional questions. Now that we know the “angel” part of this mystery is the result of some kind of advanced tech, where is it from? Or, more importantly – when is it from?

The “Red Angel” (CBS Interactive, Inc.)

We also know that the being is “humanoid” in nature, so it’s quite conceivable that this time-traveling “savior” is Matthew McConaughey from inside the tesseract. #Intersteller

And what’s going on with the good Dr. Culber? My guess is that once his body has completed its regeneration, he’ll no longer be the “Hugh” of old. How tragic would it be if his love for Paul was no longer a part of him? Dr. Pollard did say he was pristine, right? Well, what if “pristine” meant he was not only brand-spanking “new” physically, but also emotionally – like a person who’s been untouched by the joys and woes of existence, with no bodily or emotional scars to trace the history of one’s experiences? That, indeed, would be a tragic and ineffaceable love story as only Star Trek could tell it.

So, in my pursuit – and fruitless attempt – to discover hidden Easter eggs within “The Sound of Thunder,” I came across a tiny gold nugget that wasn’t of the Star Trek variety, but of the “90s nostalgia” type. Mark Pellington, the actor who supplied the voice for the sole Ba’ul cameo we were treated to (loved the creepy design, by the way), also, it turns out, has directed a few things; actually, strike that, reverse it – A LOT of things. Among these genuine articles of artistic expression is the music video for one of my favorite songs from 1991 (I know, I’m totally dating myself): P.M. Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”. I’ll now leave you with the sweet melodies of a time long since passed. Until next we meet, live long and prosper, friends.

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