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AMC’s Preacher: A Few Morsels For The Newbs

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So, my fellow true believers, how are y’all diggin’ AMC’s Preacher series? Has it been successful in satiating your thirst for something you’ve never seen before? If not, be patient, stay the course, and for the love of all that is holy and good in this world, stick with it. Trust me when I say: you’re in for some unbelievably bat$%#&-crazy stuff. Now, it would be at this juncture that I’d like to take a moment and assuage any confusion those unfamiliar with the source material might be currently experiencing. This is through no fault of your own, of course. The source material itself is an elaborate and complex labyrinth of narrative, woven together with kid-gloves, and seasoned with many different characters, all of which have their very own story to divulge. But somehow, and through the sheer genius of Garth Ennis (writer) and Steve Dillon (artist), it all comes together, like a beautifully conducted concerto, played magnificently on the page for your reading enjoyment.  However, before we delve into the aforementioned literary intricacies, I want to preface our discussion with a warning: SPOILERS, RIGHT AHEAD! If you have yet to watch any of the series, please – don’t go into the light….look away – run, before it’s too late. Okay, so we’re all good? Perfectomundo! Let’s commence, shall we?

I don’t want to give too much away, for part of the enjoyment will be the surprises you’ll experience along your journey. But I do wanna offer some insight into each of the main players we’ve been introduced to thus far. Let’s start with the big man himself….

Jesse Custer

Quite simply: he’s one of the good guys. There is waaay more to the man than just a need to “save” his flock. He’s a man who’s lived through some of the most atrocious experiences imaginable, beginning with a childhood that’ll make your skin crawl. But, through the love of his parents, and the wisdom of his father, he came out the other side, stronger, and better (unbelievably) for it. The show’s added a few twists to the mythos that even us readers aren’t abreast of, namely his and Tulip’s prior life before he became a “man of the cloth”. Although, with each proceeding episode, a little more has been revealed (I’m thinking black ops, or perhaps hired-muscle). As for the being that has inhabited our fellow preacher, well, all I’ll say is that it is of supernatural origins. What this entity is, and how it came to reside on Earth, is the crux of this here tale.


Can I just start out by confessing my loooove for this gal? She’s smart, witty, and can whoop yo’ behind without even breaking a sweat. She’s more or less the Bonnie to Jesse’s Clyde. She’s loyal to a fault, and will eventually (as you’ll see) be disappointed by Mr. Custer, but, in the end, there’s no other couple on the globe more suited for each other than these kiddos. Her and Jesse have history, and will soon realize that, in a world of supernatural insanity, their love for each other is the only constant. Now, in the comic, she’s not given too great a backstory. She’s also, for the most part, at Jesse’s side throughout the entirety of the story. So, her being given the spotlight thus far in the show is something new. I like that Seth Rogen and his fellow creators have added more depth to her character. It showcases for the viewers what we, the readers, already know: that she’s one bad mamma-jamma.


I will echo what the interwebs have already voiced: that it’s as if, by the divine power of the holy creator, Proinsias Cassidy was ripped from the pages of the comic and made flesh-and-blood; because Joseph Gilgun is the living embodiment of our beloved Irish vampire. Like Tulip, viewers will come to learn how truly invaluable his presence is on this journey of Jesse’s.  His character is, however, not without many faults. He’s brash, prone to drunken stupidity (a century of living apparently does nothing for human foolishness when possessed by the bottle), and leaves unintended destruction in his wake. He’s also the best friend Jesse has ever had, and will remain at his side until the bitter end.

Fiore and DeBlanc

If you’re caught up on the show, you’ll no doubt have learned of these two’s “heavenly” origin. Not much has been said other than that they are here on Earth from heaven. This is intentional. Their backstory is wholly intertwined with the entity now residing in Jesse, which, if you’re keeping score, means the “entity” is also from the same plane of existence. I’ll merely say this: they’ve been royally screwed by those “in charge.”

Mystery Cowboy

In this season’s second episode (“See”), we were briefly introduced to a cowboy during the year 1881. Not much was shown, or said, in regards to this mysterious stranger (played by Graham McTavish from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy). You might think this was something superfluous, such as a Trenta-size cup of coffee from Starbucks, or an extra set of hot dog buns, but you would be sorely mistaken, my friends. This here gentleman has a hugely integral part within our story. When he and Jesse meet for the first time (yes, you heard me right), it’s going to be fan-friggin’-tastic.

Well, that’s all for our inaugural discussion of Preacher, lest I run my trap and ruin the surprises in store for you. But don’t worry, we’ll be talking about this show much, much more. I can’t wait to see all of this fleshed-out en vivo. Hold on to your lug nuts, folks. It’s gonna be one helluva ride.

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