Star Wars

Partake, You Must; Consume, You Will

Force Friday Countdown

I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if millions of bank accounts suddenly cried out in terror over the prospect of being pillaged this coming Friday; an inevitability of utmost certainty.

Yes, kids, this Friday, September 4th is Force Friday. At exactly midnight, as the clock-chimes signify the turning of Thursday night into Friday morning, Toys “R” Us’ across the globe will open their doors to hordes of showered and un-showered fans, giddy with delight over the official unveiling of The Force Awakens merchandise. Like a scene out of The Walking Dead, dozens of humans occupying all participating locations will ravage shelves and containers for toys, leaving only decimation in their wake; and if they’re lucky, this here wee bit of swag-giveaway will be theirs to take home…..

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You can never have too many Star Wars posters – is what I always say.

I’ve attended the festivities since its inception back in ’99 for The Phantom Menace, and thrice witnessed the carnage firsthand. I’ve even partaken, like the gluttonous consumer I am.

The last such unveiling was a decade ago for Revenge of the Sith and it warms my geeky little heart the tradition continues for a whole new generation of fans to enjoy; as well as for us “veterans,” of course. So set an alert on your handy-dandy iPhones, ladies and gents; because the feeding-frenzy is almost upon us.

….and may the Force be with you.

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