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Free Comic Book Day 2015

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Well, kids, it’s almost time; almost time to see what Mr. Whedon’s cooked up for us. Who will fall? Who will rise to the occasion and subvert the madness of Ultron? Will there be guest appearances? Will Hulk get angry? Will Natasha further demonstrate for studio executives how awesome her solo film could be? Will Vision and Ultron vie for the hand of Wanda by showcasing which has the larger RAM capacity – if you know what I mean? Soon, all of our queries will be answered. But, this is not why I’ve come to knock on the screen of your digital device. No folks, I’ve come to remind you that this coming Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! <insert raucous cheers> It’s the one day out of the year set aside for local comic shops to band together in solidarity of our beloved comics industry and promote its stories – for free, mind you – to readers and non-readers alike. An industry which has given so much joy to so many, it makes the fat man in red seem inconsequential by comparison. So, whether you are a lover of comics, toys, movies, or all of the above, shower away the nerd and mosey on over to your friendly neighborhood comic provider to celebrate with your fellow humans. It is a day to recognize not just the publishers, but the creators whose minds have dreamt up the fantastical stories you hold so dear. For if these ladies and gentlemen did not exist, there would be no Age of Ultron for you to watch while mounds of fat, sugar, and preservatives are shoveled into your face with nary a thought for your *ahem* robust waistline; but that’s a discussion for another time. Until then, read and spread the good word. Jesus would want it that way.

For a full list of titles being offered this year, visit the official Free Comic Book Day website at

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