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Review: Kevin Smith’s “Tusk”


Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Smith’s latest feature, Tusk. It harkened back to every bat-shit-crazy horror film of the 80s that I grew up with and loved. If you too were raised on such classics like Scanners, Re-Animator, Videodrome, Night of the Comet, Night of the Creeps, Demons, Hellraiser, and any number of the movies from that era which left you holding your pee all night for fear of what lurked in the shadows of your home, then this here might just be your cup of tea as well. On a side note, no need to worry your little selves about the manner in which I was raised. My pops was and is a film aficionado of weird and unusual cinema. I have him to thank for the absurdly odd, geeky, and fairly stable (I think) man I am today. Of course, crazy folks never consider themselves “unstable.” Let’s just say I’m in no rush to dismember anyone and stuff them into an amazing life-size Hot Toys figure – but imagine how awesome the Kung-Fu-Grip action would be on that thing?

Without giving too much away, this tale is quite simply about the horrors of abduction. It follows in the footsteps of similar films such as Misery and Silence of the Lambs, albeit in more outlandish ways – it is a Kevin Smith film after all. Think Annie Wilkes spliced with Buffalo Bill and you have Michael Parks’ Howard Howe. But it’s not all creepiness and homicidal shenanigans. There is quite a bit of humor abound. Especially from a certain actor whom you may or may not recognize. But the accent and prosthetics can’t hide his brilliant character-acting abilities, which are unmistakable. Everyone in this film brings their best dish to the proverbial table.

My little trek to the ArcLight Friday night included not just a screening of Tusk, but also a Q&A with Mr. Smith himself following the film. It was as funny and entertaining as it was heartwarming and sincere. A truly inspirational consultation for all of us “street musicians” aspiring to walk amongst the giants we have long viewed as geniuses of their craft. I exited the theater not only wholly satisfied with my night’s entertainment, but feeling like I could successfully write the next Office Space. Who knows, maybe one day I will. Excuse me while I practice my acceptance speech.

Until next time, kiddos – Kirk out.

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