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The Greatest Doctor Who Episode You Will Never See…..


You heard me right, boys and girls – THEE SINGLE GREATEST EPISODE YOU WILL NEVER EVER SEE! The script for this space-time extravaganza is astounding. Scott Tipton, David Tipton, and Tony Lee have not only channeled the likes of Jean-Luc and crew, they’ve also successfully nailed the voices of Amy, Rory, and their good ole Doctor. The gorgeous photorealistic art by J.K. Woodward brings this fantastic story to life, as only our beloved medium can, and solidifies this as a must-read for all Whovians and Trekkies alike. If the pictures weren’t stationary and the voices weren’t solely in my head, I’d swear I was watching a lost episode. It’s as if when I made my initial observation to my friend Walter about the surprising similarities both Star Trek and Doctor Who share, the universe smiled and said – in its best Picard voice, “We shall make it so, Eric.” Walter, by the way, is my counsel on all things Trek and Doctor Who. A consigliere of all things geek; the Tom Hagen to my Vito Corleone, if you will. Not that I’d aspire to rule with a similarly brutal iron fist or assimilate those who aren’t in tune with our ways. But who am I tryin’ ta kid? I’d love nothing more than a full Cyber-conversion of everyone. If you’re reading this, you’ve already become an unwitting participant in my master plan. Resistance, as they say, is futile. Cue maniacal laugh.

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